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If you wish to purchase one of Sylvia’s books you can contact her direct at sylvia@moneycoaching.co.nz


ph +64 276318524.

In time we will load this website with more details about the books and a purchase page. Until then, if you wish to find out more about Sylvia and her moneycoaching  then go to moneycoaching.co.nz

Thank you and remember. It is better to know where your money went than to wonder where it has gone.

Sylvia’s three books have been written to help families learn about money together.

How To Stop Your Kids From Going Broke is a book for Parents to help them teach their children some important strategies that will enable them to be in control of their money as they grow up and become independent.

Get Out Of My Pocket  (5 Ways to Stop Your Kids Sending You Broke).This book was written at the request of many parents who had children that hadn’t yet learnt how to manage money and were still needing a hand up (or hand out) It give the parents strategies of how to teach their children about money but also how to have boundaries to stop their children sending them broke.

A Spending Plan for Kiwi Families is a tool to help families understand where their money is going and gives some guidance on how to manage it once they have their spending plan in place. It is suitable for families of all nationalities and can easily be adapted no matter what part of the world you live in.

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